Friday, September 3, 2010

Going to Kindergarten...

Here's our Micah on his first day of Kindergarten.
(He was very opposed to having a picture taken but Dad won the battle.)

He get's up at six and is on the bus by seven, before the sun even comes over the horizon. His teacher this year is Mrs. Johns, and his best friend, Justin is in his class.

After he got home that first day, I asked how he liked it.

His response: We got to play on the playground three times! And we had a nap and then got to go outside and play after the nap!

You can tell what his priorities in life are. Oh, to be five years old again.

Since then, we've heard that school is a little boring, discovered the bus ride home is the perfect time to make up for getting up so early in the morning (it lasts an hour :p), and having to tie his own shoes is reason for a major melt down.

Did I have a hard time putting him on the bus the first day? It was a little harder that I anticipated, but the one who's really having a hard time dealing is Dad. A couple of mornings back, I got Micah on the bus and turned around to find Lance sitting on the front step looking a little forelorn. Yep, growning up is hard on all of us.


Cassie said...

Hey, I tied those shoes the other day when I was at the school.
Now that I think about it, he was pretty happy to let me. :o)

Have a great year in school, Micah!


Until next time, friends!
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